Sensei! …Suki ni Natte mo ii Desuka?

Name: My Teacher/ 先生! 、、、好きになってもいいですか? Director: Takahiro Miki Starring: Toma Ikuta Suzu Hirose Country: Japan Release Date: 28/10/2017 Synopsis: Hibiki is an awkward, 17-year-old high school sophomore who hasn’t known … Continue reading Sensei! …Suki ni Natte mo ii Desuka?


Hello, Uncle


Name: 大叔,你好

Author: 大江流

Chapters: 95 + 9 Extras

Status: Completed


In his senior year in high school, Jiang Yanwei’s parents separated. His father cheated and married his twenty-year-old mistress, who then gave birth to the youngest son.

Jiang Yanwei felt that the days cannot be like this. You are sick of me, I am sick of you too. Let’s see who infuriates who?

He eyes his father’s friend, the most esteemed business genius of Qin City- who he calls his Uncle…




Bounded: Chapter 1 Teaser

旗奕走入這家酒吧,一眼就看到了那個據窗而立的男人。修長挺拔的身子,就是在酒吧這種休閒的地方,整個人站得還是和標槍一樣的筆直,毫無表情的臉上,眼睛如警戒的鷹般看著窗外。 Qi Yi walked into the bar and at a glance saw a man standing by the window. The tall slender body in the bar of leisure place, standing still … Continue reading Bounded: Chapter 1 Teaser

The Journey Begins

This is a new chapter to my life. I’m trying something new and am not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with it but I’m going to try my hardest.

I’m an avid reader of novels and mangas. I also love watching all kinds of movies, dramas, animes, etc.

I’m a fujoshi and my parents knows it too!

Being in the last semester of my degree, I hope to complete it without a hitch and move on further in my life. Hoping to achieve my dreams and make them a reality.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton